World First Twinner Sets New
Standard in the Automotive Trade

"I do not feel the way 'pulled over the table' because I see more than with ordinary offers."

Katharina Mayer

Customer on car search

Digital Image (Digital Twinn®) of Vehicles Provides Complete Transparency, Security and Trust

90 percent of all used car purchases start with searching the Internet. With Twinner® you can be sure of a perfect presentation. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd.

"The customer has a better feeling with us and buys over Twinner dealers because with Twinner he sees everything."

Thomas Leuschner

Store Manager Autohaus König, Halle (Salle)

Known from

What Are the Advantages of Using Digital Twinns®?

Customers such as Löhr & Becker and Autohaus König report on their first experiences with Twinner®.

Everything from the World of Twinner

Was steckt hinter Twinner, was bedeutet Twinnen und wie funktioniert das genau? Was ist der Digital Twinn und welche Vorteile bringt er? Galileo, die bekannte deutsche Wissenssendung auf PRO7, hat sich mit diesen und anderen Fragen beschäftigt und wollte wissen, ob man an...
On 9 January 2019 the official handover of the Twinner® Space took place in Jesteburg at car dealership Kuhn & Witte. Udo Kirk, Oliver Waldmann and Dominic Multerer from Twinner presented the official Twinner location certificate. Oliver Bohn (Managing...
Die Informations- & Kommunikationsplattform für den Gebrauchtwagenhandel steht dieses Jahr unter dem Motto "Mehr Power für Superhelden - Innovationen, Lösungen und Networking für Gebrauchtwagenhändler". Triff die Experten der Branche und profitiere von spannenden...
The Twinner® insert appeared in the Autohaus magazine on December 17. The insert reports about the creation and potential of Twinner®. In addition to an interview with founder Jozsef Bugovics, the Digital Twinn is introduced and described in detail....
That's what Thomas Peckruhn, President of the SKODA Dealer Association, says, and he's right. The Digital Twinn® not only displays the vehicle in 360° catalogue quality, but also shows damage and pictures of the underbody as well as all equipment features,...
The Twinner® Space was handed over to Autohaus Liebe on November 19 as part of a festive ceremony. Mario Schicht (Head of Sales) and Oliver Waldmann (Key Account Manager) from Twinner® handed over the official "Twinner® Location" certificate...
On November 16, the Twinner® Space was officially handed over to the Autohaus Löhr & Becker car dealership in Koblenz by Udo Kirk (Sales Director, Twinner®), Dominic Multerer (SVP, Market & Strategy, Twinner®) and Joachim Hentschel (...
On November 15, an exclusive event by Twinner® in cooperation with TÜV Nord took place at Dölkau Castle outside of Leipzig, Germany. Multiple car dealerships and companies from the automotive industry from all over Germany participated in the event. Twinner...
The Autohaus Liebe car dealership is now using the first Digital Twinns® on their own website. This is an important milestone that confirms our path to establishing the standard for vehicle digitizations. With Digital Twinns®, customers know and have...
On November 10, 2018, about 300 Škoda dealers met up in Berlin for their annual dealer meeting to take stock and discuss current matters. Dominic Multerer, SVP Marketing & Corporate Communications at Twinner®, presented Twinner® to the audience...
On October 5, the first Twinner® Space was handed over as part of an official ceremony. All managers of the Autohaus König car dealership in Halle were in attendance and clinked glasses with Udo Kirk and Dominic Multerer to a successful partnership. Dirk Steeger...


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