How Is a Twinn Created?

A Digital Twinn® shows customers more than they would see if they were standing right in front of the car

Building trust through digital transparency

A Digital Twinn® is a digital recreation of a vehicle. Within just a few minutes, Twinner® generates a detailed dataset containing all the relevant figures, features and defects of the car. In addition, the vehicle is photographed from 360° in optimal lighting conditions, then digitized and visualized. This automates the precise evaluation of the vehicle’s condition, supports digital assessments by the technical inspection authority TÜV, for example, and serves as evidence in the event of insurance claims. A Digital Twinn® also streamlines all of the processes involved in transferring ownership of a car. In a complex digital world, the Digital Twinn® provides unbeatable transparency and depth of information. The digital car feels entirely real and the extensive dataset means customers can shop with confidence.

How does the complete digitization of a vehicle work?

In just a few steps, the physical vehicle can be digitized — via the Twinner® Space — and made available online. Creating a Digital Twinn® can take up to five minutes. The dataset is then processed in the Twinner® Cloud. The results can be quickly and easily displayed in used car marketplaces or your own website’s showrooms. This makes time-consuming manual photos, data entry, and discrepancies in display quality a thing of the past.

1. Preparation

  • Create a Twinner® Voucher with the desired process for the car
  • Pick up the vehicle from the parking lot
  • Prepare/clean the vehicle (inside, outside, underbody)
  • Smart Repair (optional)
  • At the end of the Twinner process, park the vehicle back in the parking lot, ready to be sold

2. Generating a Digital Twinn®

  • 360-degree, catalog-quality automatic imaging (inside, outside and underneath the vehicle)
  • Multi-sensor recording for vehicle assessment
  • Perfect presentation coupled with absolute transparency
  • Tamper-proof data stored in the Twinner® Safe
  • 2–8 minutes’ processing time, depending on the transaction

3. Editing

  • Add marketing-relevant information
  • Establish the online customer journey
  • Specify sales channels
  • Process additional information which has been collected automatically
  • Request electronic assessment

4. Management

  • Recommend prices for various marketing channels
  • Display datasets on advertising platforms, in your own online shop, or in other shops
  • Monitor the marketing process

5. Sale

  • Showcase the car in the Twinner® Showroom
  • Display it in your own e-commerce shop
  • Display the Digital Twinn® in the Twinner® Shop, customized to suit your dealership
  • Complete the online sale (partly or entirely online, depending on internal processes)

6. Delivery

  • Service partners create number plates and handle registration/re-registration
  • Logistics service providers deliver the car to the customer’s front door

The result: Customers can shop from their living room sofa

The Liebe car dealership is already using the best product presentation in the world: the Digital Twinn. On the dealership group’s website, customers can view the pictures in exceptional detail and catalog quality, taking a close look at the 360° interior and exterior shots as well as underbody photos. They don’t need to believe what they’re told. They can see it for themselves. The Digital Twinn® offers maximum objectivity — fast, simple, at a glance. The slogan says it all: “More than you can see.” This ensures unprecedented transparency, confidence and trust. Potential buyers can consult information about the used car from the comfort of their sofa, and can make their purchase directly online.

The Digital Twinn® is the first step of a comprehensive digital sales process. Customers want this service — they expect digital offers in the car market just as they do in other sectors, from music and movies to real estate and travel. ​


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