New Twinner® Space at Kuhn & Witte in Jesteburg

On January 9, 2019, the Twinner® Space was officially opened at the Kuhn & Witte dealership in Jesteburg, near Hamburg. Udo Kirk, Oliver Waldmann and Dominic Multerer from Twinner presented the official Twinner location certificate. Oliver Bohn (Managing Director at Kuhn & Witte), Morten Scherbaum (Sales Manager for Used Cars), Christian Karsten (Processing Manager) and Peter Meyer (Twinner® Space Operator) from the Kuhn & Witte dealership are delighted to be taking such a major step into the digital world, helping them to stand out from other traders selling similar products.

With Twinner, the dealership can now create vehicle images with consistently high quality, under any weather conditions. What’s more: underbody images and automatic tire tread depth measurements ensure greater transparency for your online business. Nothing is hidden from the customer.

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